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A Viagem- El Viaje- (The Journey) ALBUM



2007 Vision/Alexia

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No Me Hables (Remix single

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Alexia comes from a family with a background in show business and performing has been in her blood from an early age. She is originally from Slovenia which is in Southern Europe, her home town Izola is only a few miles from Italy. She has lived in Italy, Brazil and the UK where she studied Spanish- 

Alexia's main other passion apart from music is languages, particularly Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Alexia loves the cultures of these countries, this is very much reflected in her music.  

 'A Viagem' is her last CD recorded mostly in London between 2005/2006 Released in 2007-It features songs in Spanish, Portuguese & Italian. Alexia describes it as a collection of ' Love songs'. One of its other themes being the journey we make within ourselves as we travel through life. There has been a later release of 'No Me Hables' as a single remix- Alexia's favourite song!


Alexia  writes most of her own material- but has also co-written with Paul Griffin - Alexia is currently concentrating on music videos.