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UK based 33 year old Lu is an artist with a great voice- which people really do respond to. She writes her own material which she describes as 'confessional' about her own experiences as a young Woman & Mother. ' Still Holding Your Love' was her debut EP. Lu has also opted to record three of Jon & Paul Griffin's songs, so far not covered by anyone else. Lu is not a full time Artist and is not currently writing or recording any more material........She does feature on You Are The Sun by Jazz Attack however.

Song Credits on Still Holding: 'Worth- Breathe- Babychild written by Lu. Still Holding Your Love- You Are the Sun- Cut Me Wide Open - written by Jon & Paul Griffin                                                                                        

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'Still Holding (Rock mix)  FM/Rock/ Pop PREVIEW IN STORE

  Release Date 17/7/09 Vision 2009 Available from most Digital stores                              


You Cut Me Wide Open (Remix) 'A real Classic Rock/pop ballad' PREVIEW IN STORE

  Release Date 15/2/10  Vision 2010  Available from most Digital stores

  Still Holding Your Love- original  EP PREVIEW IN STORE

1. Still Holding Your Love  2. Worth  3. Babychild   4.You Cut Me Wide Open ( Original mix)  5. You Are the Sun  6. Breathe                                                    

   Release date 29/7/07 Vision 2007

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