Slovenian born Artist/Writer Alexia is a truly International performer. Fluent in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, obviously Slovenian and not bad English...! She loves the culture of all these different counties which is reflected in her music. Until only just recently she has been absent from performing and recording for quite a while. However after just making a video for her classic song No Me Hables- we may well see more material from Alexia 


'No Me Hables' by Alexia

Original Mix/Release

A powerful & popular Spanish Ballad written by Alexia featuring some great guitar work from Sean Nolan- Produced by Paul Griffin/Vision

"As a composer I try to talk about how our human emotions impact our relationships; about forgiveness and about lifting our hearts to God. 'No me hables asì' is the song about how pride gets in our way in life....." Alexia


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