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The first EP very weird electronic Jazz!  

1 Chill Out  * Click on track for audio clip-                         

2. Only Love .                                                                   

3. Everything.                                                                         

4. Jazz Attack PG on vocals !!!                                               

5. Funk It.                                                                          

6. Give it All Up ( War) Too depressing for a sample

* Available as Ringtones -Music, Instruments vocals Paul Griffin  'Only Love' vocal by Shola written by J&P Griffin. Also available on 'Techno Voices' Compilation on the Rosenklang label. Released 30/06/08  Vision 2008. 













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Little One (remix) Harder, funkier but other wise the same great vocal..  Features Earl Green  There are two versions of this track - we have only listed the remix which we prefer. -  Release date 28/3/11 Vocals Earl Green- Music Paul Griffin- Written/Produced by Paul Griffin Vision 2011 Available from most digital stores. 



There Will Be A Day- Warning if you are looking for Chill Out Jazz do not listen to this !!!!!!!!! electro dance jazz rock fusion.. A track based on the theme of the Arab Spring - thanks to Earl Green for adding a great lead vocal part on this. Apart from the organ solo this has very little  to do with jazz- a very powerful track though with a great dance feel...

Yes we know we're probably too old to be doing stuff like this - but we really like it so why not!  Released on the Vision Electro label Release date July 25th  Vision Electro 2011 * In most digital/DJ stores.




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