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Earl Green winner of the British Blues Connection's Vocalist Award in 1996 and 1997 & Blues in Britain Vocalist Award 2000 and 2002. Earl was probably one of Europe's best Blues vocalists.  His career spanned over 35 years., Earl has now retired from the Live Music scene on health grounds.

Earls Last Album  is called 'One Way'.....................  

Hard Times is his first ever Single release.  "Earl Green is class" Blues in Britain mag You can get the full track listings for Earls albums in the iTunes stores

'Feel the Fire' Earl's first CD in his own name now available to download- originally released as a CD in 1996 with guests galore, if Blues is your thing then you should give this a listen  iTunes Release date 01/08/11 Earl Green 1996 Available from most Digital Stores

Feel The Fire











   Earl is on a few videos- so you need to search                    


 One Way (Album)

  Hard Times (Single)

 Licence Hard Times


 A Different Picture (Album)








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