Jazz Attack is Paul Griffin's personal project. After many years of arranging & producing music for other people in numerous musical styles, Paul decided to get back to his favourite kind of music; Jazz! He loves anything with a Jazzy feel to it, but wanted to use the genre in a very contemporary way- with a lot of loops and samples and other musical styles mixed in

Paul was originally a Rock Bass player but later studied Jazz Keyboards at Goldsmiths College in London under Howard Riley & Brian Priestly. He also co- owned a Studio called Live Air in London (later Making Tracks) for 15 years.

His latest  project features Paul performing all the vocals-as well as writing and playing all the musical parts. Yes he does use Auto-tune which he loves though it is not everyone's cup of tea he knows.

Contact Paul paulgriffin@vision-music.biz

Songs written & performed by Paul Griffin- Virtual instruments courtesy of Cu Base- VST 4 Free-  thanks to Graillon the best free Autotune out there...




"An eclectic blend of Contemporary Jazz "

TAGS : Jazz- Nu Jazz- Jazz Fusion- Pop - Spiritual Jazz 

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 Back Catalogue - Where There Is Life- Chill Out- Little One- The Journey Is Hard- There Will Be A Day-You Are The Sun- Only Love- Featured Artists Earl Green, Marilyn Gentle, Lu, Paul Griffin


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