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Bible Prophecy and Modern Prophecy Explored by Chris Francis (FREE)

This book is written with the aim of helping people to catch up - to read in one volume the vital array of modern prophecies, and the various predicted events. Some effort is made to explain unusual concepts for non-Catholics. Modern prophecy and Bible prophecy are placed together, so it can be seen that they complement each other. 

It is widely accepted that we are now living in Apocalyptic times which means that both good and bad things will happen. Chris Francis shows how eleven out of thirteen accepted signs of the approaching Second Coming of Jesus have been fulfilled. However, events will still unfold over a number of years.
Through examining modern prophecy and Bible prophecy, the author reveals the sequence of events that we can expect  The modern prophecy comes from Catholic sources, therefore the first chapters aim at explaining the basics of Catholic Christianity for those who are new, or who need to remind themselves.
The picture builds up gradually, and by the middle chapters the discussion should be sufficiently in-depth to interest Clergy and Religious.
This book is unique in scope, and aims to bring the two sources of prophecy together.

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Tags: Bible Prophecy/ Second Coming   

And They Say Smoking Is Bad For You by Paul Griffin (FREE)

   'Hard Hitting' Dry & Satirical English Humour' 

Featuring a nice mix of real life humorous stories, spoof satirical material, and some just plain silly stuff. This is a great FREE introduction to new comedy writer Paul's work. The author is influenced by UK comedian's Spike Milligan, Michael Bentine & Tony Hancock whilst retaining his own unique writing style! 'Warning! this is definitely not a spiritual book'-








Tags: Humour /Satire/ Adult Humour/ Fantasy Humour/ Political Satire

Available in all eBook formats- Kindle- PDF(for mobile without eReader)- Nook- Kobo

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